Welcome to Sunbeam Hotel :: The Place of Smile

Sunbeam HotelIt is with profound honour and pride that I ardently introduce this first edition of Sunbeam Lodge Quality Management Manual (QMM), released in December 2010.

Sunbeam Hotel is a wholly owned citizen resort enterprise. It is located in Mogoditshane, about seven kilometers from Gaborone; the capital city of Botswana. It was opened in 2004 after substantial research and international benchmarking, masterminded by Mr. and Mrs. Kgosiemang. The period 2004 to 2008 witnessed the company’s tremendous transformation physically and administratively, from a commercial guest house to the current luxurious “Tower Viewer,” manifested in a three story building with an upstairs bar and balcony. It houses 23 full fledged state of the art rooms.

Visual Impressions